The other day a young lady and her parents dropped into Curved Space sporting a boxer's headgear . . a jab to her left ear . . a couple of upper cuts to the chin . . and a well placed shot to the solar plexus . Now just what might account for this bizarre Monty Pythonesque behavior ?

Fortunately we had had a similar experience with a twenty five year old man at the Trillium Health Center in Mississauga , Ontario , Canada . He was black and blue from punching himself out . Thankfully an exceptionally intuitive physiotherapist had correctly diagnosed his affliction . . a constant need for pressure to the body . . similar to the use of weighted blankets currently used to deal with this situation . . a common problem for considerable numbers of autistic patients .

We settled this chap into a giant , all enveloping , bean bag . . . problem solved .

And so it was that we also gently eased our previously mentioned boxing champ into a well worn bean bag chair . . we lowered the lights . . a few soft soothing strands of Loreena McKennitt . . and , as you might have expected , peace prevailed

The shape molding characteristics of the polystyrene beads in freeform bean bag furniture give designers the ability to design all kinds of unheard of therapeutic products and applications. Here are some of the situations and the surprising solutions we’ve devised over the last 50 years.


A few years ago we were summoned to a school library. Here we were greeted by a group of teachers and administrators who were curious to see if sitting on the bean bag chair would relax a twelve year old student enough to want to read a book. To date they had found no way to encourage this young man to read at all, and had had to resort to daily doses of medication to settle him down.

Guess what he began to read with great enthusiasm. We could hardly stop him long enough to return back to his classroom.


. . . sometimes having to sit 11 to 12 hours without a break. Perhaps these starlings caught our 1980’s radio ad that starts something like this “at curved space we love bums . . big bums, little bums . . and we want them to be comfortable”


It has been suggested that the bean bags we provided to the Olympic Village at the 2010 Winter Olympics and the subsequent Paralympics helped . . .


Someone somewhere once said “necessity is the mother of invention”. And so when we were asked to provide a footstool for a wheelchair we were honored . . . You’d expect to find all kinds of ‘em out there. But . . .

. . . So we created one the same height and width as the wheelchair . . but with the slight slope, and a longer depth to deal with natural angle of declination and the length of our patient’s legs.

A narrow feather cushion wedged perfectly into the lumbar solved the shifting angle of the back . . a little extra padding for the seat . . and a few extra laminations of foam for the back of the rack.

back it up and you get

. . . coming to rest at precisely the wright angle, a perfectly motorized stretch, an absolutely spectacular bridesmaid, her producer, her research assistant, and her publicist; not to mention the totally connected, totally adjustable headrest . . connected to the . . you got it . . the

or how about
of an all around first generation wheelchair c/w all the appropriate accessorization

You know how it goes “ you don’t always get what you want, but . . .