A PICTURE FROM A YOUNGER TIME travelers in space and time must do so by other names - early rock lyric circa 1960

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oh yah . . thanks a lot howard . . real nice  . . exactly , big boy . . and all that after we thought you were the greatest . . you got that . .  wright on , just what we needed . . a little more pizzas . . and more than even that .. a little more razzamataz

Somewhere, sleeping high under the fabulous canopy that overlooks the vast timeless virgin tropical rainforest that stretches from the great mayan center of Palenque and tikal one can still find beautiful , topless . Indians maidens washing their humble , cotton robes by soft gentle streams . . . cool, clear, calcium laden streams , that leave behind their sublime golden legacy – a ticklish legacy to be shure – a legacy of magnificent limestone wonderlands and intricately adorned settlements – wonderful wonderlands formed literally over generations as they smoothe out the nooks ‘n crannies of their passage – a passage that would lead them through the great intertwined vines of the central highlands jungles , past extraterrestrial air plants , wild outlandish birds , and curious raised gardens . . . and then underground through the immense void of the great astral plain of the yucatan peninsula – briefly to pop its head up out of the giant watering hols by the observatory at chicken itza – round the rather eccentric pyramid of the magician  And his closeted nunnery at uxmal – and ultimately to flow back home to the lofty white caps , the fathomless shells , and the turquoise of the open sea , just around the corner from the spectacular beach club at Tulum – not far from where Columbus is said to have discovered by America . . . only to be swept up again by the gentle carribean breezes . . . to return once again . . . up , up , and up . . . to the waiting outstretched hands of the great central mountains beyond



Super Nova

The incredible revelations from a Canadian refugee in chile

Once upon a time , in another space , and inn another time . . back , back and back in time . .  back to a time when T.O. wasn’t really so far out . . or sublime . . . a time many moons ago , when we hardly knew the difference between a hip lip trip . and what . . wow , would you check out that trampoline . . was soon to be a funky flip . . or for that matter how ‘bout where it’s at , what’s happenin’ , outa sight , up tight , and even groovy . . who was whoo , watt was true , and oh my goodness , who was that over there makin’ the movie . . . NEVER QUITE THE SAME AGAIN . . and then just as we came over this little rise . . and I bet you can imagine what to our surprise . . when right there . . right there before our very own eyes . . oh my dear . . and you’d better believe we’d never gotten quite that near . . when these two gorgeous california deer asked us if we’d care to come over ‘n join em in a couple of . . would you believe . . a couple of good old fashioned . . a couple of good old fashioned local beer


Donkey  Sculpture By William Lishman


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