custom design your own foam mattresses sofas tables mats and so much more . .

.Curved Space now offers you the opportunity to create your own foam furniture to fit your mood , your budget , and even your space . Imagine designing that sumptuous dream sectional , complete with a chaise lounge to stretch out on , feather cushions , and even to the height and depth . . . that actually mirrors your new-found casual lifestyle . Not only that but would you believe that you'll then actually also be able to bend your new creations up and down tight staircases . . into attics , basements and other spaces . . . you though you'd never reach .

Let us show you how to layer foams together to create the level of support and comfort you deserve . You may , or may not be aware , that foam comes in various densities , and you may also prefer to make it harder or softer depending , of course , on the specific application . With this awareness under your hat you'll now be able to proceed to cut shape and form your new designs . . . that can actually be made to last a lifetime .

Not only that but you'll be surprised by just how many applications for customized foam there are . . . as you look around your home , your camper , or your boat . . . anywhere from mats and padded walls to soft-sided foam tables to protect your darling little ones , as they begin to experiment with their first steps . . . to those ultimate legendary curved space seating sleeping and lounging environments designed to fit an entire room . . . raised all the way up to the height of your windows . . . with shelves , here and there . . . fabric ceilings . . . and


here's a real simple solution for an attic with a low ceiling

  • cut the the foam to fit the entire area wall to wall
  • laminate 5 inches hard medium and soft high density foam together
  • supplement the entire space with great big fat chipped foam pillows
  • feather throw pillows in the corners will add to your comfort
  • swing a couple of reading lamps off the walls
  • raise the entire set up to the height of a chair if you like
  • raise it high enough and you can create a storage space underneath
  • as you can see you don't need much ceiling height to have a real good time

here are a few other designs that you can customize to fit your space

fold in your seats and fit a mattress and a couple of cushions into your van

a sofa bed that can easily be moved into a basement and designed to fit your space

a flipped out flip out sofa bed

an assortment of high density foam sofa beds

a versatile free standing foam chair that flips into a mattress

pie chairs can be butted together to create a round low level sectional sofa

a queen size raft lounging seating and sleeping space