Save the environment, save your back, and save your money. Don’t throw out your old bean bag chair. All bean bags, now also known as gaming chairs require maintenance from time to time depending on the quality of the chair you started with.

Let us breathe life back into your golden oldie by mixing your used beads with our resilient virgin polystyrene shape molding beads and create a much more comfortable, revitalized chair. No mess, no fuss! And then let us show you how to maximize your comfort by teaching you how to use it.
Should your cover be in need of repairs we can help you by
  1. Repairing small holes with a rubberized glue, free of charge.
  2. Rerunning seams or rips.
  3. Replacing panels or zippers.
  4. Trading your old chair in for a brand new no-sweat urethane beauty, and save the cost of the beads you already have. Trade up to a larger chair or even a smaller one.
  5. We do not purchase used polystyrene beads outright.
bring your bean bags to the loading door at the back of our factory outlet
Saturdays 10 to 5
1064 Salk Rd. Unit 10 Pickering (see the map on our location page