Congratulations on your purchase of a state the art bean bag chair. There are a few pointers that will help you get the maximum comfort from your chair.

Your bean bag chair has been deliberately slightly overfilled so that after you have used it for a few months it will have settled down to a more comfortable level. During this period you will actually have an opportunity to study the ideal level of beads for each position of the chair. At a certain point you will find that the beads will have stabilized, and that the fabric will have stretched slightly; leaving you with an apparently larger, lower, and slightly more relaxing chair.

Should you wish to increase the height of your chair you will be able to add beads through our dual safety zipper system, or you can always bring your entire bean bag chair to our factory outlet for service on Saturdays.


A new overfilled chair is best used in the lying down position.

The lying down position is the best way to use a cloth bean bag chair since the beads simply roll up along your back as you recline. This position gives you maximum comfort with smaller chairs, and requires less skill to set it up. Make sure there are no folds under the chair. This will leave you with a smaller overfilled bean bag. To get out of the chair you may find it easier to simply roll out sideways.

When using a simulated leather bean bag chair roll it 90 degrees sideways after each use. This will loosen up the beads, add a little air, and prepare the beads so that they’ll be able to swirl around as you sit down .. giving you perfect support!


Create a recliner, complete with arm and head rests.

Avoid putting your hand down on the bean bag before sitting down. This will throw the chair off balance before sitting on it.

Don’t start wiggling around until you’ve reached your final sitting position. Premature wiggling will redistribute the beads, and tighten up areas that should still be loose and ready to mould.

Bean bag chairs or sofas should never touch walls and other furniture when in use. This will interfere with their flexibility.


After you’ve used the chair for a month or two it will have settled a bit, and it is now ready for use in the sitting up position. This position works best for larger chairs, and allows you to create a recliner, complete with arm and head rests.

  1. Lay the chair down filling up the cone with beads.
  2. Stand the chair straight up. You may find it effective to use your foot to push it up when setting up larger sizes.
  3. Create a nest to sit down in, and gently knock about a 1/4 of the beads out of the cone so that it can mould to your back and to your head. Avoid making large folds in the fabric, and remember not to put your hand down first.
  4. Sit down with enough speed at the back of the nest you’ve created. Notice how the air seeps out slowly and the beads swirls around .. giving you totally new molding.
  5. At this point push the cone back slowly with your back until you’ve reached your desired angle. Watch out that the chair is not leaning against the wall.
  6. When you stretch out into a lounging position you’ll find that a footstool or footroll comes in handy. Pull the stool away, and you’ll notice the difference.

Some people prefer to change their pear shape bean bag into an apple. This can be achieved by simply pushing the cone down into the bean bag, and creating a nest. Then shift around till you find your desired position. You’ll find that you are now sitting slightly higher; perhaps to join others at the same height on traditional sofas and chairs.

As you’ve probably noticed by now a bean bag chair is a very personal item, and you’ll undoubtedly discover that there are many other positions you may enjoy.


BRINGING YOUR BEAN BAG HOME: Pear style bean bag chairs are easiest to move with the point down. This will reduce the width of the base as the beads shift to the point. Now you will be able to move it through doors, narrow passages, and into your vehicle without damaging it.

  1. CUTS, NICKS & SCRATCHES can be repaired by filling in the damaged area with rubberized glue called GOOP. Simply apply the Goop to the affected area, let it dry, and rub the excess dried Goop away. The chair should be ready to use the next day.
  2. MAJOR REPAIRS: We can re-stitch seams, or replace zippers and panels. It may be cost effective to trade in your chair at this point. Please make arrangements with our factory for this service.
  3. BASEBOARD HEATERS: Bean bags should be kept a safe distance from baseboard heaters, and sharp corners. Pointed objects in your back pockets can also puncture your chair.
  4. CHILDPROOFING YOUR BEAN BAG: Curious children may be tempted to open the zippers at the bottom of your bean bag chair. To solve this problem simply sew a stitch across the zipper, which can be removed if you wish to add beads to your chair at a future date.
  5. CLEANING: Water soluble spills such as jam and soft drinks can be simply wiped off the surface of urethane bean bags with a cloth and water. For grease, oil and waxy marks use an organic solvent such as Varsol or gasoline. Traces of the solvent can then be removed by wiping the chair down with soap and water. Some fabrics such as synthetic velvets can also be wiped down with soap and warm water; while other cotton fabrics will absorb spills, and should be washed (zipped up and with seam inside) or dry cleaned unless they have a surged stitching. Dusty bean bags can be refreshed by wiping them with a moist towel.
  6. POLYSTYRENE BEAD REFILLS AND STATIC CHARGE: Quality high density polystyrene beads are available for purchase at our factory. When adding, removing, or emptying your bean bag of beads you may find that they are charged and tend to jump out of the chair and stick to your hands. This condition often results from the beads in your chair rubbing against each other when placed in a dry room with electric heating. Simply sprinkle or spray some water on them to cut the static and make them more manageable.

RECYCLING AND TRADE – INS: Don’t throw your old bean bag chair away. The beads are valuable and Curved Space will be happy to give you credit for your old beads with the purchase of a new bean bag chair of the same size, a larger size, or maybe even a whale sofa. As with bean bags repairs please arrange to bring your old chair to the factory for this procedure.